iOS 7 Updates Now Available: iOS 7.0.2. Released


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While Apple's iOS 7 made an impressive debut yielding more than 100 million downloads in its first week, the old cliche, “Nothing is perfect,” gradually proved to be a descriptive trait. Thousands of customers who initially rendered the mobile operating system as Apple's 'best release yet,' have slowly begun to pick up on small details that have come to question the quality of the new operating system. Last week, complaints slowly started to trickle in before flooding the Internet. The biggest complaint was the 'Lock Screen' feature's deficiency.

As a result, Apple decided to retract a few steps to resolve the issues with the flawed operating system. Today, Apple released iOS 7.0.2., which is a 17-19MB update component implemented to amend the mobile operating system.

The new update was created to eradicate the malfunction of the 'Lock Screen' feature, which enabled security breaches. The feature had a deficiency whereas someone could easily bypass the 'Lock Screen' security without entering the phone's pass-code. BGR reports that this particular problem granted unauthorized access to the phone's photos and allowed for phone calls to be placed. It also granted access to mobile applications such as email and Twitter. The update component should resolve the issue and reacquaint the Greek keyboard option so those characters can be implemented for pass-code creation and entry purposes as well.

The adjustments appear to be a breath of fresh air for Apple users. The Pfeiffer Report conducted an extensive comparative study on both the iOS 6 and 7, in contrast with Android, Windows 8, and BlackBerry 10. In their recent survey based on Mobile Operating System User Experience, Apple topped the list for user satisfaction. We just hope the update serves as a permanent fix.


Image via Wikimedia Commons