iOS 7 Update For Chrome Has New Look, New Features


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The new iOS update that reared its head earlier today has brought on a mixed wave of emotions and reactions. There are those who love it, who choose to embrace the change and roll with it as best they are able to.

There are those who choose to face the troubles and bumps along the road with humor.

And then there are those who want nothing more than something to complain about.

The iOS 7 update brought on some updates for apps, such as Yahoo and Facebook. While Google is currently a sort of rival for Apple in the technology department, they have released an updated Chrome app to make it better suitable for the iOS update. According to the Chrome releases blog, some of the changes made to the app include, "New look and feature enhancements for iOS7 on iPhone, Improvements to Fullscreen behavior especially on iPad (iOS7 only), New Settings UI, Maps and email links launch the Google Maps and Gmail apps (if installed) automatically."

Besides how gorgeously tailored the app looks with both the new iOS set up and the update, the last of these improvements is perhaps the most exciting, especially for die-hard Google fans, such as this author. Better integration between Google apps is a beautiful thing, and Google is glad to bestow such a gift upon the masses. The ability to seamlessly switch between Google apps like Youtube, Gmail, and Google Maps seemed like a mere dream only days ago, but is now within anyone's fingertips, so long as they update their iOS and Chrome app, respectively.

Image courtesy of the Google Chrome Browser's website.