iOS 6.0.1 Update Coming Soon, Fixes Annoying Glitch

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It shouldn't be long until iOS users receive the first update to the system. According to BGR, their "reliable" Apple sources have confirmed that Apple is in the process of testing the build with various U.S. carriers. That means that we should have the update shipped within the next few weeks.

iOS 6.0.1 will first and foremost fix a glitch that has plagued iPhone 5 users since its launch. An Apple thread exploded with users complaining that their phones were displaying a "weird screen glitch" when the keyboard was loaded and they were inputting their iTunes password. The glitch seems limited to the iPhone 5, and happens when users access the ".?123" button on their keyboards to open up the numerical characters.

Here's what the horizontal lines glitch looks like in action:

Apart from fixing that issue, BGR says that Apple will also fixing an issue with the camera's flash not working with iOS 6.0.1. The update will fix a couple of security issues involving Passbook data being shared from the lock screen as well as a bug that allowed Exchange meetings to be cancelled for entire groups.

We're also getting some improved Wi-Fi support.

It looks like iOS 6.0.1 will be the only update for a little while, as BGR's sources say that iOS 6.1 will probably ship after the holidays.

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