iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Already Available For Non-A5 Devices


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That didn't take long.

In between brushing their teeth and washing their face last night, the iPhone Dev Team briefly paused their pre-bedtime ritual to jailbreak the just-released iOS 5.1. According to Cult of Mac, the team released a new version of their Redsn0w tool that includes the update.

Before you set off to chisel away the bars on the new iOS, though, a few cautions:

First, it's not really worth your time to try this with an iPhone 4S or an iPad 2 because Apple put a lot more security muscle on those A5-equipped devices to guard against jailbreaking. Second, if you do jailbreak your iOS 5.1 device, be aware that whenever you turn it off you'll need to plug the device into your computer in order to boot up into the jailbroken state again (otherwise known as tethering). So, consider your threshold for inconvenience before marching onward but, other than that, knock yourself out.

If any readers opted to jailbreak your iOS 5.1 device, feel free to share your caveats, thoughts, and disclaimers in the comments below.

Oh, and I guess it goes without saying that this iOS 5.1 jailbreak won't work on the new New iPad, either.