Internet Explorer Thinks Its Time To Rethink The Modern Web


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Internet Explorer has come a long way since it became the butt of every Internet browser joke back in the mid-2000s. While it's still looked down upon by those who use any other browser, Microsoft has transformed what was once an objectively bad browser into a pretty good one. Heck, it has even has its own official magical girl mascot - no other browser can claim that.

It's with that in mind that Microsoft is kicking off 2014 with its Rethink campaign for Internet Explorer. While we've had some laughs with the company's previous "Browser you loved to hate" campaign, it now wants to focus on what Internet Explorer 11 can bring to a user's Web experience. With support for pretty much every modern Web technology, including WebGL, Internet Explorer 11 wants to win hearts and minds this year.

In the latest promo video, Microsoft points to all the Web apps that show off the power of Internet Explorer 11. Unsurprisingly, most of the apps are games as the complex 3D rendering made possible through WebGL just shows how far Internet Explorer has come.

So, what's next for Internet Explorer? Microsoft says that 2014 has it "more excited than ever at the possibilities," but doesn't provide any specifics on what it may be working on. While it may have just been a promotion, I wouldn't complain if Microsoft decided to bring back SkiFree in 2014.

Image via internetexplorer/YouTube