Intel "Core VPro" Processors Powering the Next Wave of Ultrabooks


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Good news for Intel, they are providing all the processors for the next wave of Ultrabook computers. The latest version of their Core processor (Generation 3) offers the most advanced 22nm 3-D tri-gate transistors, making the new Ultrabook devices more responsive with the best enhanced security. Intel has signed agreements with several leading touch panel manufacturers in order to meet expected demand for the touch-enabled Ultrabooks.

Here are the highlights from Intel regarding the new Ultrabook:

* The next wave of Ultrabook devices powered by 3rd generation Intel Core processors is more responsive and offers enhanced security in a choice of designs.

* Intel announced agreements with Cando, HannsTouch, TPK and Wintek to ensure capacity of touch technology for the expected growth of touch-enabled Ultrabook convertible designs.

* New Ultrabook systems offer enhanced security with Intel Anti-Theft technology built in and free, limited-time service subscriptions out of the box from Absolute Software, McAfee, Norton and Intel in select global markets.

* Bringing the best of Intel technology to mobile devices with three Intel-based smartphones now available from Lava International, Lenovo and Orange; 20 tablet design wins based on the Intel Atom SoC, codenamed "Clover Trail," designed for Microsoft Windows 8.

Intel Corporation's Senior Vice President Tom Kilroy introduced the new Ultrabooks at a keynote address in Taipei and here are a few things he had to say:

"Our life experiences are defined by our senses -- by what we see, hear and touch,"

"These human senses are also at the foundation of Intel's vision for the Ultrabook to deliver a no-compromise, must-have computing experience."

"Today, thanks to the work of the industry at-large, we are one step closer to meeting that vision with the arrival of the next wave of 3rd generation Intel Core processor-powered devices. The innovation must continue as we move to touch-based Ultrabook convertible designs, and in the future aim to give them and other devices senses, making our interaction with them natural and intuitive."

"Thank you to our partners here in Taiwan and the computing industry at-large for the unprecedented innovation to bring the Ultrabook to life in such a short time,"

There was no mention of exactly when these new Ultrabooks will available in the United States, but I would bet we'll be seeing them before the holidays. For more information about Intel's new Core VPro processors follow this link.