Intel and Cineform Create 3D Video


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3D video is a growing interest among many individuals today. Intel and Cineform have come together to make it possible to make your own 3D video.

WebProNews caught up with an Intel representative at CES 2010 to discover more on Intel and Cineform's new 3D video.

Although the 3D process would seem to be very complex and involved, Intel insists it isn't. The basic setup is simple with 2 cameras on a single tripod, both cameras put out a video stream, and with the Cineform Silicon DVR software, the 2 streams are combined.

From this, a QuickTime file is created that loops back to a TV. Creating two images without polarized glasses and a 3D image with polarized glasses.

As the Intel representative explained, a lot of horsepower is needed in order for this to work, which is where Intel comes in. Cineform’s 3D technologies run on Intel’s Core i7 processor.

This technology is currently available at Cineform.