Instagram for iOS 7 Launches with a Focus on Clarity

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Instagram is the latest app to launch an update designed specifically for compatibility with Apple's new iOS 7. You can go download it right now over at the App Store.

As you'd imagine, the update makes Instagram look decidedly iO7-ey.

"We put the community - and the photos and videos you share - first. To bring you the best experience possible, we have always valued beauty and simplicity in our app. With the introduction of iOS 7 and its emphasis on clarity, we were excited to rebuild the look and feel of Instagram in a way that would bring these principles together and let the moments this community captures and shares shine," says Instagram.

What this means is that photos are now larger, stretching from side to side. They're also sporting increased resolution (which applies to videos as well).

"We led our redesign with a focus on clarity to keep the feel of Instagram clean, simple and grounded in the photos and videos you discover and share," they say.

If you're noticing anything weird about Instagram for iOS 7 when you start using it, you can check Instagram's help center on the topic. There' you find answers to questions like "why the hell to I have to swipe to the left now to delete comments?" The answer is that Apple pulled the ol' switcheroo on us, of course.

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