Instagram Adds ‘Recommendations’ to User Feed

If you recently noticed that something about your Instagram account feels a bit different, don’t be alarmed. Apparently, the picture-dense social media platform has just introduced a new feature on your feed but did not bother to make any announcements about it until later.

Actually, the new feature, which is called “Recommended” for you, was spotted while still in its testing phase earlier this month. We can only surmise that the testing phase must have concluded successfully and now, without much fanfare, has already gone live. Instagram eventually acknowledged the change via a Help page but that happened only after the feature had already been rolled out for a few days.

In case you are wondering how Instagram curates the posts it puts in your Recommended for You section, it is based on the likes of other users that you are following. According to, the new feature can only hold from three to five posts, which should be a relief to those who are irked by the sudden change.

You are not alone if you are not a fan of Instagram’s latest tweak. A lot of users are likewise saying that the new feature feels a bit intrusive; these are posts that you did not really ask for.

In case the Recommended for You section is getting on your nerves and is getting too hard to ignore, there is actually a remedy, albeit a temporary one. You can actually temporarily hide a particular post by tapping on the three dots next to it. However, be forewarned; hiding it does not actually remove it.

Fortunately, the new Recommended for You section is that they will only appear after you’ve seen all posts on your feed. That means that your regular feed will basically remain as it is and won’t be filled with posts all curated by Instagram.

Instagram has been introducing a lot of improvements to its services lately. Earlier this month, the platform allows users to follow hashtags, allowing users to follow their interests instead of just following a particular account.

[Features mage via Pixabay]