Insidious: Chapter 2 Scares Audiences


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There's nothing quite like a visit to the movie theatre. Especially that now-a-days, movie goer's have the option of fusing meal-time with movie-time, reclining belly-full in oversized, leather, swivel chairs after having indulged in not just one, but two of America's favorite past-times: Eating and being entertained.

But I dare you to travel beyond the popped, buttery distractions (and in some cases four course meals) to delve deeper into the reasoning behind everyone's decision to chose what be projected on the vast screen ahead of them.

Recently, there's been some buzz about the currently showing horror movie, Insidious: Chapter 2. Yes, it's the sequel to it's frightening younger brother, Insidious, that came out nearly four years ago. Both directed by James Wan, the movies are certain to scare...and surprisingly dish out some much welcomed comedic relief.

While the first movie was devilish-pun intended-the second seems to push the envelope just a tad more with even more jumpy sequences and perfectly haunting-Hitchcock-ish music. (Shout out to the man behind the music, Joseph Bisarah.)

Seriously though, the movie is freaky. Within the first 10 or so minutes of the movie your entire body will be tensed up expecting that creepy, Darth Maul-looking devil guy from the original move to pop out. Luckily, the viewers are spared that sight. The music however is a different story, welcoming the horror picture's title giving out plenty of chills with the shrieks of furiously sawing violin bows.

The movie practically picks up from where its predecessor left off . Initially the movie flashes into the past to show the young "Josh Lambert's" charter's habits of lucid dreaming and first meeting with a much younger "Elise Rainer." It’s in these flashback moments that are sprinkled throughout the film that really give the viewers some insight into the characters, helping curious movie-goer’s understand more about that film.

Unfortunately, I was unable to thoroughly enjoy these early scenes because of the director's awful decision to use the original actress of Rainer's voice over the "younger" character. This decision made me focus more on the actress's noble attempt at looking like the words heard were truly coming out of her mouth than focusing on the actual plot.

Aside from that specific distraction, the movie moved right along, instantly putting you on the edge of your seat. And amidst all of the scares throughout the flick, there are plenty of random splashes of comedic relief. (Which is great because the laughter will force you to loosen up a tad.)

If you enjoyed the first Insidious, then you're bound to take pleasure in the second since it delivers some background information about the ghostly occurrences happening in both the dreamland of the "further" and even spilling into reality.

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