Indiana Jones Is Taking His Adventures To Blu-ray In September


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While the existence of the Indiana Jones Blu-ray set has already been announced, the date which consumers could get their hands on Dr. Jones and his tremendous movie series remained an unknown, until earlier today. The release date for the Indiana Jones box set is September 18. The news came via press release, which also details some of bonus features the box set will receive. As pointed out by /Film, perhaps the biggest revelation from LucasFilm press release was the attention to detail being shown the Raiders of the Lost Ark transfer:

Supervised by director Steven Spielberg and renowned sound designer Ben Burtt, Raiders of the Lost Ark has been meticulously restored with careful attention to preserving the original look, sound and feel of the iconic film. The original negative was first scanned at 4K and then examined frame-by-frame so that any damage could be repaired.

The sound restoration was also done with the same attention to detail and care, which should give fans a fantastic high definition version of one of the most entertaining movies ever made. In case you missed it the first time around, LucasFilm also released a trailer to announce the Indiana Jones Blu-rays earlier this spring:

The box set will include all four Indiana Jones movies, which means some of you will have to come to terms with having Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in your collection. Sometimes, life includes sacrifices. For those who are all about pre-ordering their goods, the box set is available for pre-purchase over at The price, which includes a $10 discount, is $89.99, which isn't too bad, considering all that you'll be getting.