Indian Navy To Launch First Satellite


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The space surrounding the planet Earth is about to get a little more crowded with the Indian Navy about to launch their very first satellite into geosynchronous orbit. Once the satellite is in orbit it will carry out monitoring duties and provide communication functions for the Indian Navy.

The launch of the satellite would make the Indian Navy the 4th country in the world to feature a satellite group as a core component of their mission. This, along with their carrier group, solidifies their place as one of the Asia-Pacific regions most powerful navies. This upgrade was the only thing they need to be considered a “modern” navy.

The new satellite’s tasks include observing the Earth’s surface and ensuring uninterrupted satellite communication for the Indian Navy. It will provide sharp growth for the Indian Navy’s capabilities and the fleet will be able to exchange large amounts of information in real time. If this works out it could pave the way for a full military satellite communications network

This launch will further the regions future as a hotspot for conflict. This is mostly due to the buildup of China's naval fleet and the United States' response by refocusing 60% of it's fighting vessels to the region by 2020. The great powers in the region are increasingly at odds over the limited resources available.

The buildup by nations is already becoming obvious. One obvious item is that almost half of all combat ready F-22 fighters are already in the Pacific theatre. If there is a fight with China in the future of the United States, it will help to have the 1.3 billion people of India on our side.

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