IMDb Upgrades App, Now Allows Movie Ticket Purchases


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For those who you are tired of apps like Fandango and Flixster and are looking another mobile application that allows you to buy tickets, IMDb has something you'll be interested in. No longer is the IMDb mobile app only useful for solving Trivial Pursuit questions, thanks to an update that introduces a movie ticket-buying feature, one that is surprising in that it was not included to begin with. Over at the Google Play store, the description for the updated IMDb app reveals that, aside from ticket purchasing, the newest version includes the service's "Your Watchlist" feature, which promises:

Now you can filter and sort the movies and TV shows on your Watchlist. Looking for horror movies currently in theaters, or comedies available on DVD/Blu-ray? Your Watchlist can help you zoom in on what you want to watch, where you want to watch it.

It is worth noting the application's ticket purchasing capability is only available for users who reside in the United States. Considering how IMDb attached e-commerce features to its app, how long will it be until we see the company partnership with Amazon in relation to DVD suggestions continue in the mobile environment?

It would appear that, without these features, the application would remain something of a novelty item to be used when that guy at the party can't seem to remember a movie he's been trying to tell you about. You know what I'm talking about. That one movie that had whathisname in it? It came out a little while ago. What was it called again?

Anyway, it looks like these new purchasing features can give the IMDb app a life it certainly didn't have before. The question is, thanks to the aforementioned Fandango and Flixster, is it too little, too late on IMDb's part?