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Everyone's go-to site when it comes to stuff about film and TV has just launched their own trivia app, IMDB Trivia.

IMDB Trivia is a free-to-play app, meaning that it's a free download and the game itself is free - but you can purchase additional question packages if you run out of the free stuff. Upon opening the app, you'll be prompted to select your game pack. Only one will be available at first, but other game packs can be unlocked by completing challenges in the game like answering a certain number of questions or scoring a particular amount of points. You can, of course, buy more question packs in-app as well.

Each time you answer a question, you'll get a little fun-fact about either the film, character, actors, or some other aspect of the question content. Some of the types of trivia exercises are reminiscent of games like Scene-It - name that quote, match that movie poster, and decipher the blurred celeb photo. Here's a list of many of the game modes -

  • Five levels of increasing difficulty and many different ways to win
  • Catch a Star: Tap five correct answers before your time runs out
  • Movie Order: Arrange movies in order of release
  • Quotables: Match the quote to a movie, TV show, character or celebrity
  • Celebrity Photo Match: Match each of five celebrities with their movie, TV show, or character
  • Movie Poster Match: Match each of five posters with a movie or a TV show
  • Mystery celebrity: Guess the celebrity in a blurred photo

The app is integrated with Apple Game Center, so you can compete with friends. You can also pause and resume your trivia games anytime.

You can play without 3G or wi-fi access, but the question sets will be smaller. The two current trivia packs available to be purchased are "TV Favorites" and "Blockbuster Films." They are both $0.99.

Currently, it's only available for iOS.

Upon early testing, the app seems fun as hell. I don't know about you, but I can see my phone battery dying at we speak.

Josh Wolford
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