Idris Elba To Release Album Inspired By “Luther”

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Idris Elba is reportedly working on an album inspired by his character on the TV show Luther. In the BBC crime drama, Elba plays John Luther, who is a detective battling his demons. It’s been announced that BBC will be airing a two-part special next year, with Elba on board. There are also rumors that the show will be adapted for American audiences by FOX. The Luther-inspired album that Elba is working on is tentatively called Murder Loves John.

In a recent interview, Elba talked about his decision to work on an album inspired by the titular detective. “I'd like to dissect the idea of someone who has to deal with so much darkness,” he said during an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row. He added, “Detectives carry a lot of stuff. They meet someone who's done something heinous, but they have to have an objective perspective on them until proven. That could create some really good songs… and definitely an interesting mood, musically.”

Aside from being a prolific actor, Elba is also a musician, rapper, DJ, and music producer. Under the name Driis, he has collaborated with artists like Musiq Soulchild and Estelle. Recently, Elba released the album Idris Elba Presents mi Mandela. The record was inspired by Elba’s experiences in South Africa when he was shooting the Nelson Mandela biopic Long Walk to Freedom.

Huffington Post’s Melinda Newman reviewed the record which she called “a labor of love that Elba approached with an appropriate degree of humility.” She added, “He smartly surrounds himself with a stellar cast of artists here, even including a cover of Mumford & Sons' ‘Home’ to round out this enjoyable and compelling set.”

Idris Elba Presents mi Mandela is a 14-track album that he released on his own label, the 7wallace imprint. The record features guest spots from Mahotella Queens, producer Aero Manello, actor-singer Shaun Esoffery, singer-songwiter Audra Mae, and soul singer Cody Chesnutt among others.

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