I-4 Shooting Not Road-Rage Related, Police Say

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A tragic shooting that occurred on I-4 in Tampa, Florida over the weekend finally has some answers after police tracked the suspect to his home using surveillance cameras.

Police were stumped as to why 47-year old Fred William Turner was shot to death in his car and initially deemed it a product of road rage; Turner was on the phone with 911 when he was shot, saying a man was following him and harassing him on the road. They released a statement, saying they were looking for a gray Ford Taurus with tinted windows but had no other leads.

Two days later, 48-year old Jerome Edward Hayes turned himself in to police and has subsequently been charged with first-degree murder. Hayes admitted to officials that on the night of the shooting, he had been in an adult club with a friend and the two of them had gotten into an altercation with another patron, leading to them being kicked out of the club. They waited in their car for the other man to come out so they could finish the fight, but he was reportedly tipped off to the ambush and stayed inside. Turner was the next to exit the club, and Hayes and his friend mistakenly thought he was the man they were looking for. It was a tragic case of wrong place, wrong time.

Amanda Crum
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