Hurricane Humberto To Be Year's First?

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Tropical Storm Humberto is headed into full-blown hurricane territory today as it gathers strength near Cape Verde and is expected to reach winds of around 74 mph.

Humberto started off the coast of Africa with winds of 40 mph and was predicted to reach Hurricane-force winds by Wednesday; the National Hurricane Center issued tropical storm warnings for Cape Verde Islands of Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava earlier this week, but the storm is now headed towards open water and doesn't pose a threat to land.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Gabrielle--which was downgraded to a tropical depression last week--has regenerated and is threatening Bermuda with winds of 50 mph and still increasing. Several flights have been canceled due to the heavy winds and rainfall. If Gabrielle stays on the path it's on, it will hit Bermuda and then move on to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland by the weekend. It has already caused massive flooding and mudslides in Puerto Rico.

If Humberto continues to gather strength as predicted, it will be the first hurricane of the year. The season is almost over, and many hurricanes start forming in early August.

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