Hughes The Force Mashes Up John Hughes, Star Wars


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So what happens when you mix John Hughes, Star Wars with a touch of Kevin Smith? It might be something like Hughes the Force, a 35 minute movie that mixes one part Weird Science and one part Fanboys as some high school Star Wars-loving teens try to get into the end of the year high school party. To do, the duo, Simon and Henry, need to bring one hot girl with them, which leads directly to them creating a real-life Slave Leia, much like Gary and Wyatt did in Weird Science.

While the end result isn't Kelly LeBrock in a white t-shirt, it's nothing to turn your nose up at, either. In fact, because of the Slave Leia costume, the result might actually be superior. Of course, after their creation is complete, the trio sit on the couch and watch movies, much to the chagrin of their attractive creation.

From there, the adventure really begins. I'm not going to spoil anymore, so check it out for yourself:

If watching it on YouTube is, for some reason, not good enough, you can go to and download the movie to your hard drive, complete in 720p for mobile users and 1080p for tablet and PC/Mac users. There's also bonus content for the completist in you if you'd like to see some deleted scenes and experience Kevin Smith's outtakes. It should be noted, however, that Smith did not direct, write, or produce Hughes the Force, but he does have a cameo in it.

Naturally, when you attach his name to a geek project, it provides some recognition and increased credibility, even if the creation itself doesn't need it. In this case, Hughes the Force may not need Smith's attachment, but it certainly hasn't hurt, either.

[Via Geeks are Sexy]