Hudson River Boating Accident Is A Tragedy


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A tragic accident occurredon the Hudson River when a boat crashed into a parked construction barge near Tappan Zee Bridge.

The boat was carrying a wedding party of six that included the bride, groom and best man. The bride, Lindsey Stewart, and best man, Mark Lennon, were thrown from the boat during the crash. The Rockland County Sheriff’s Chief William Barbera informed CNN that they had found the body of Lindsay Stewart approximately 600 feet from the river bank. The best man has still not been found. Police are suspending the search for the night, but will continue their search in the morning. The groom, Brian Bond, survived the crash, along with three others, but he is currently suffering from a fractured eye socket. It is believed that only two members of the wedding party were wearing life jackets at the time.

Swewart's mother, Carol Stewart-Kosik said through tear-filled eyes, “Lindsey was getting married two weeks from today. Now her and the best man both are missing. She continued on saying, "They just went out for a nice night on the river. "I can’t talk about it. I’m sorry.”

JoJo K John, the driver of the boat, is being charged with one count of vehicular man slaughter and three counts of vehicular assault. Police believe that John was drinking prior to the accident which may have led to the crash and deaths of the bride-to-be and best man. “We have probable cause to believe he operated the boat while intoxicated,” said Rockland County Undersheriff Robert VanCura.

The New York Post reports that Stewart and Bond were planning to be married on August 10. Stewart’s stepfather said that “Lindsey did all the planning herself for the wedding. She’s a real smart lady. They’ve known each other since they were 10-years-old. They use to go to church together…They fell in love three and a half years ago. They were planning a future together."