Howard Stern Sings the Praises of Instapaper in a New Ad


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If you haven't heard of Instapaper, you are not alone. Instapaper is an app that lets you save articles and web content you would like to read, but don't have the time. You just click, "Read Later" and you're done. It's waiting for your on your mobile when you're ready.

Instapaper's Marco Arment is a big fan of Howard Stern so he thought it would be a great way to promote his product. According to Arment, the spot cost him a lot of money, but it was definitely worth it in the end. The ad aired last week on Stern's radio show and will run for two weeks.

Those who listen to Stern's show know how eccentric and sarcastic his advertising voice can be, but Arment is a regular listener too, so he was very pleased with the results. The spot features Howard educating his co-host on the functionality and utility of the app.

Howard sings the praises of Instapaper in the paid spot on his show:

”I am a huge fan by the way, and this for real, of Instapaper,”

“I have Instapaper on all my devices… I love you Instapaper. I want to make out with you.”

Instapaper has already gained recognition with the more tech savvy crowd, but hopefully this new Stern spot will bring it some fame in a larger context. Arment commented on his decision to go with Stern's show over other advertising spaces and he said, "the Howard ad was very attractive to me. I know who listens to the show. I listen to the show. People underestimate The Howard Stern Show audience”.