How Much Have Kids Changed Between 1982-2012?


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The following infographic covers the differences in music, movies, video games, and sports stars that have influenced the generations.

According to this source, kids today are less likely to use marijuana and cigarettes and more likely to practice safe sex, however, they are less likely to finish high school. Decreased graduation risks might be correlated with the devaluation of college degrees, the shift towards working in business and arts fields that do not always require a high school diploma, and other socio-economic factors.


While modern teens are less likely to graduate from high school, they are more likely to believe that they will attend college in the future (58.3% in 1980 vs. 79.2% in 2004).

There is also less excitement or proactive behavior towards obtaining a driver's license; only 43% of 15-17 year olds had their driver's license in 2004 as compared to 52% in 1982. Is this because parents can no longer afford to buy their teenagers a car or is it something else?

But does this infographic really tell us anything important about their real differences? Do you think that this infographic is a little too superficial?

Another thing to consider is that this visual has outdated information. Career fields are changing swiftly and I doubt that this graphic truly captures modern tenns' career aspirations.

What do you take from this visual information?