Hot Car Death: Mom of Toddler Passes Polygraph Test


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Every summer, it's the same thing--no matter how many awareness videos are shared, we hear of hot car deaths involving young children. When the tragic news broke that 22-month-old Cooper Harris from Georgia died on June 18 after being left in a car all day long, many people assumed it was a horrible accident, as no parent would do such a cruel thing on purpose, right?

Unfortunately, an investigation revealed that may not be the case, as dad Justin Ross Harris researched hot car deaths and how to survive in prison in the days before his son's death, plus he and wife Leanna Harris had two life insurance policies on Cooper. Leanna also reportedly asked her husband whether he had said "too much" during the initial investigation, which led many people to question whether she had taken part in the plot that allowed her son to die such an agonizing death.

See a picture of young Cooper below.

Harris has eight charges against him, including two murder charges. Leanna hasn't been charged with anything related to the hot car death yet, but she did hire criminal defense attorney Lawrence Zimmerman, who is attempting to clear his client's name. A polygraph test was administered to Leanna, and according to her lawyer, she passed.

Leanna reportedly answered "no" to the following questions, and she passed the test with "no indication of deception."

— Prior to June 18th, did you know that your husband would leave your son in that vehicle?

— Did you plan or arrange with your husband to leave your son in that vehicle?

— Did your husband tell you that he was going to leave your son in that vehicle?

As you can see from the tweets below, the news that Leanna Harris passed the polygraph test was met with shock and suspicion.

Even though Leanna Harris hasn't been charged in the hot car death, Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds indicated that the investigation is ongoing. "Whether or not it leads us to anyone else remains to be answered," Reynolds said earlier this month.