Honey Boo Boo: Kris Jenner Has No Clue Who That Is

Amanda CrumLife

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Last week, it was reported that Kris Jenner had been talking smack about America's favorite new family, that of TLC star and child pageant contestant Honey Boo Boo. Now, Jenner is coming out against those allegations, saying she never said such a thing because she doesn't even know who that is.

"I would never criticize her, because I don't even really know who Honey Boo Boo is," Kris said. "I've never seen the show."

A "source" had confided to RadarOnline that Jenner was jealous that another reality family was getting more attention than hers, but she insists she's not even aware of the family and, until recently, thought "Boo Boo" was a famous dog.

Amanda Crum

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