"Honey Boo Boo": Are You Ready For Season 2?

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"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" is set to return this Wednesday to TLC, and fans are wondering what sort of changes they can expect from their favorite "characters".

Though it's a reality show, the cast members have become larger-than-life characters in their own right, earning criticism and praise alike from viewers who have taken to the web to talk about the family's antics. Set in the small town of McIntyre, Georgia, the show started as a focus on June Shannon and her pageant-contestant daughter, Alana (it's a spinoff of "Toddlers And Tiaras", which Alana stole several scenes on) and quickly became a family affair as Shannon's other daughters--Anna, Jessica, and Lauryn--and her husband, "Sugar Bear" proved that they're just as camera-worthy as Alana.

The family has taken a lot of criticism in the past year, for their looks, their way of life (greasing themselves up with butter and sliding around the oiled kitchen floor, participating in "Redneck Games", eating roadkill), and the way they speak, and all the attention started to wear them down after a while. During a trip to the local mall for shopping and dinner, the family was barraged by fans and curious onlookers who all wanted a piece of them, and Alana was visibly irritated at the constant attention. June even had to request that no cell phones be present at her May wedding to "Sugar Bear", because the family didn't want the threat of media attention ruining the big day.

But the family has found a way to turn all the hype into a good thing, using their newfound fame to collect toys and clothes for needy children at Christmastime, and they're garnering praise for continuing to live their lives the way they always did, even though their paychecks are much heartier. However, Shannon has made some changes to her appearance since the first season, going blonde and losing a substantial amount of weight.

Amanda Crum
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