Honda Has World's Fastest Lawn Mower

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It's a move that has rednecks everywhere drooling more than usual. According to Forbes, Honda UK has announced that they have built the world's fastest lawn mower. Up to now, the record for fastest mower was held by Bobby Cleveland on a custom Snapper mower. Cleveland set the World Lawn Mower Land Speed Record of 96.529 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Now Honda has stepped up its game. It claims that this mower, dubbed the Mean Mower, can reach 130 miles per hour, a top speed that could make it the world’s fastest lawn mower. Honda says that on test tracks the mower has reached over 100 mph.

The Mean Mower was designed off Honda's HF2620 model. That model only achieves 6 -7 mph when cutting. Admittedly, the top speeds the Mean Mower is claimed to achieve are not when the blade is spinning. But even the, it gets up to 15 mph, twice the speed of the mower it was built from. And it uses two 3 mm steel-cutting cables running at 4000 rpm for cutting mode.

To achieve those speeds, Honda started with the HF2620, but used a fiberglass body to keep the weight down. That was necessary because of the added high capacity oil cooler and secondary water cooling radiator added to the whole thing. All that is to support the power plant that gives it the speed, a 1000 cc motorcycle engine – presumably a Honda.

so far there is no word about making this model available for commercial purchase. This may be in the same vein as concept cars, a way to show off what a company can do, and maybe inspire other innovations that actually make it to market.

Honda has posted a video to its official YouTube page showing off the new ride. It is driven by race-car celebrity Gordon “Flash” Shedden.

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