Homeless People Read Mean Tweets in Heartbreaking PSA

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A Canadian organization is taking a popular viral concept and turning it on its head.

You've probably laughed along as musicians, actors, politicians, athletes, and other celebrities read mean tweets about themselves. The popular bit is the work of Jimmy Kimmel Live, but the concept has spread and other groups and organizations have made their own "mean tweets" videos.

So has Raising the Roof – but its video is anything but funny.

As part of its "Humans for Humans" campaign to "encourage every person to take part in changing the conversation to give people experiencing homelessness the compassion and assistance they need", Raising the Roof has put out a heartbreaking PSA where the homeless read mean tweets.

Check it out:

Raising the Roof has recorded individual responses to the tweets, and you can see them all here.

Image via Raising the Roof, YouTube

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