United Airlines CEO Credits Vaccine Mandate With Saving Employee Lives

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby is crediting COVID vaccine mandates with saving the lives of his employees, with the company now going eight weeks without a death.

US Carriers Deny Blocking iCloud Private Relay — Mostly

Following reports that T-Mobile was blocking Apple’s iCloud Private Relay, all three major US carriers have denied actively blocking it — for the most part.

How to Get the Most Out of Your SEO

A lot has changed in the realm of search engine optimization, and there are countless SEO suggestions to follow. With so many SEO Packages available, it’s nearly impossible to know which ones to use and which to avoid. Certain core…

FTC’s Suit Against Facebook Can Proceed, Judge Rules

Facebook was dealt a major blow today as Judge James Boasberg ruled the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) suit against it will not be dismissed.

Spotify Misses Deadline For HiFi Audio, Gives No Further Updates

Spotify has failed to deliver on its promise to roll out HiFi audio in 2021, and is offering no update on when users can expect it.

Salesforce Will Enforce MFA Beginning February 1

Salesforce users will need to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) by February 1 if they want to maintain access to their Salesforce products.

Norton 360 Upsets Customers By Installing a Cryptominer

Norton 360 isn’t winning any popularity contests with its latest move, as the software is installing a cryptomining program on customers’ computers.

Inflation: What It Is and How to Protect Your Finances

Inflation is rising as we continue trekking through this pandemic. In 2021, the US Consumer Price Index rose nearly 7%. With the Federal Reserve aiming to keep it at 2% or less each year, why have rates skyrocketed this year?…