Holland Tunnel Baby Born In Rush Hour Traffic

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A Boston woman was forced to give birth in the backseat of her car outside the Holland Tunnel on Monday after getting stuck in rush hour traffic.

21-year old Ying Chen had been in Philadelphia to visit family with the baby's father--Kai Tang--when she suddenly went into labor, which changed their plans of taking a bus home. A relative offered to drive them to a hospital in New York, which was where they were headed when Chen realized the baby wasn't going to wait that long.

As soon as they pulled over by the toll booths, Port Authority Police Officers Luis Alvarado, Matthew Smith, and Catherine Prior rushed in to help. Smith, a certified EMT, helped to deliver the baby girl in the car as an ambulance made its way to them.

“I was very worried and it was a good thing that Port Authority police officers got there on time,” said Chen. “The only thing I was thinking about was that my baby would be born safely. Everything is okay. The most important thing is my daughter is safe.”

The baby was eight days early and weighed just 5 pounds 15 ounces, but she is healthy and Chen is doing well. Mother and daughter are currently recovering at Jersey City Medical Center, and reportedly the baby will be named Holly, after the Holland Tunnel.

Holly isn't the first baby to be born in the Holland Tunnel; a woman was en route to the hospital last year when her water broke, and by the time she entered the tunnel, the baby's head was crowning. The child wasn't breathing, so Holland Tunnel officials created a makeshift oxygen tent and saved the baby's life.

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