Hoda Kotb to Help St. Judes With Music Video

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Hoda Kotb, one half of The TODAY Show's Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb segment, wants to make a "huge incredible music video" for children fighting cancer--the proceeds from which will benefit patients at St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Part of The TODAY Show's 'Shine A Light' project, this is Hoda's way--especially as a breast cancer survivor--for her to give back. Believing strongly that cancer isn't something children should ever have to think about, she was quite taken with the young patients at St. Jude's during one of her visits there.

"I remember seeing a kid's face and you think when you walk in the door you're going to be sad," she said. "But there's something when you walk in and see these kids, you transform from sadness to joy. I remember thinking 'What's happening?' My heart was breaking and then five minutes later I'm with these kids who are kids. These kids who are playing—these kids with parents who are cheering for them."

'These kids' inspired Hoda Kotb to want to make a music video to go--as she puts it--from "hospital to hospital to hospital" as a way to share joy and encouragement for young cancer patients or children fighting life-threatening illnesses. She compares what she'd like to do to the Sara Bareilles song Brave.

All of the main personalities on The TODAY Show will raise their own funds to contribute to a charity of their choice via their Shine A Light project. It will certainly be fun to see a behind-the-scenes look at Hoda Kotb making her music video--along with help from some of the patients at St. Judes.

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