High School Football Giant Tony Picard Blazes Through Tackles


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There is a new "The Fridge" in town, and hopefully you (or your high school kid) will be spared the job of trying to stop him. Tony Picard of White Swan High School in Yakima, Washington is the school's dream come true-- and every opposing team's nightmare.

Tony Picard actually already surpasses the size of William "Refrigerator" Perry of the '80s and '90s Chicago Bear era. While Perry weighed in at 6'2 and 335 lbs at a pro level, Picard is already 6'4 and 400 lbs-- and this is before he bulks up to his college-level weight.

Although starting his football career as a lineman, White Swan Cougar coach Andrew Bush put the ball in his hands as a running back realizing that Picard would be virtually unstoppable. Bush made the right decision; it takes about five players to tackle him on each run.

Picard is not just a big guy in a helmet and tights; his speed and agility combined with size has made him a hit with college recruiters, and he has played a major hand in helping the Cougar's seal the number one spot in their division.

Tony Picard is a senior this year and hasn't decided on his college yet, but he'll certainly play an important part in his next team's success.

I only wonder if his high school has had to get special seating for his class experience, or if he just uses the teacher's desk.

Image via Indian Country Today Source: Indian Country Today