Hermes Leather Basketball To Sell For $12,900


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Some items just make it abundantly clear that some people in the world have more money than they know what to do with. That is where companies like French fashion label Hermes come in to offer them ridiculously posh items that the common man could never afford and wouldn't really want if they could.

The latest such item is an all leather basketball produced by the company. And we're not just talking any old leather, this is hand-stitched calfskin leather. It's the same technique used in the companies "Birkin" bag, which is known for its extravagance and craftsmanship.

The ball is also a unique shade of blue, which the company claims is meant to bring to mind “the sky, the ocean and all the beautiful pools that are a way of life in LA and Southern California.” I'm assuming that way of life only applies to the few that could afford this thing.

American CEO of Hermes, Robert Chavez, was reassuring that the ball is game ready, even adding “The leather is sturdy, and why not make such a unique item come to life on the court?” The answer, Robert, is because you paid nearly $13,000 for it. Shooting free throws at the park with a hand-stitched leather ball that cost more than a car is the very definition of rich person craziness.

Luckily, Hermes isn't getting away from their bread and butter of making high fashion handbags. The company has only produced two of the basketballs, although they can special ordered, for those of you just dying to play a game of h-o-r-s-e with your child's college fund.

[Thanks to Design Taxi. Head over there for a look at the ball.]