Heritage Pot Farmers' Market Smokes Up Bargains

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"It's like in a regular farmer's market," said one of the organizers of the Heritage Pot Farmers Market this weekend. "People come here to talk to growers, to check that it's grown without pesticides and that it doesn't have mold."

This very unusual farmers' market event was held in Los Angeles' Boyle Heights, and it was a hit. In California, marijuana for medical purposes is legal. You have to have a doctor's prescription to buy it legally. So, in order to get admission to this farmers' market event, you had to show your prescription card at the door.

"For medical use, you are allowed up to four ounces at home, but I'd like to bring back home more today," attendee Edwynn Delgado joked.

Delgado waited in line for an hour to get his weed at $180 an ounce, as opposed to the $300 an ounce that he would pay normally at a dispensary. A gram, normally $20, could be had for a little as $7.

Paizley Bradbury, executive director of the California Heritage Market, explained that voters have limited the number of dispensary markets that can operate in Los Angeles. So people are taking their business directly to legal growers at events like this, cutting out the middleman.

"This opens it up for patients to reach lots of different cultivators,” she said. “They’ll be able to get flowers, concentrates, edibles, lotions…. And you can get 70% off the prices at a dispensary.”

It wasn't just about smokeable weed, either. There were the famous lollipops, as well as some other more unusual products, such as the one Matthew Gerson was selling.

"It's a vaginal lubricant," Gerson explained. "It is coconut oil-infused. With young women, it enhances sensations, and with menopausal women, it awakens their sexuality. And it helps them sleep."

The event attracted buyers of all kinds, from tattooed and pierced young folks, to older folks walking with canes.

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