Here's What AMD Has In Store For 2014


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For the past several years, AMD has always played second fiddle to Intel when it came to CPUs. Recently, the company has been moving away from the CPU market to APUs - CPUs that have a GPU on the same die. At CES 2014, AMD remained committed to its new strategy.

Gavin Gear from the Extreme Windows blog got a chance to check out all the AMD technology coming to PCs in 2014. While the company will likely never announce a successor its FX series of CPUs, its brand new APUs should be a worthy replacement for those looking for compute and graphics performance on a single chip.

The new APUs - codenamed Kaveri - combine a Steamroller CPU with AMD's new R7 graphics technology onto a single die. The company showed off a small form factor PC with one of the new APUs running Sid Meier's Civilization V.

The company also showed off some new graphics technology in the form of its new R290X discrete graphics cards. Using its new Mantle API, it's able to run Battlefield 4 at 4K resolutions or multiple 1080p displays.

Finally, AMD showed off a new Nano-PC concept that it's working on. It runs off of a low power APU in a slim design that still packs a punch. It was able to run FIFA 14 in 1080p, and should be more than sufficient for those looking for an entertainment center PC.

Image via Extreme Windows Blog