Here's Some New Info On Alien: Isolation


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Sega surprised nobody yesterday when it announced that it was going to give this Alien game thing another try with Alien: Isolation. Still reeling from the embarrassment and resentment from Colonial Marines, some wondered if Sega should even bother. Well, it seems like the publisher is actually bothering to ship a good game this time.

As reported yesterday, Alien: Isolation is a first-person survival horror game that casts players into the role of Amanda Ripley - daughter of the film series' protagonist Ellen Ripley. She visits an abandoned space station in search of her mother and comes into contact with a single xenomorph that will be stalking her throughout the game.

The first trailer already instilled some hope that Alien: Isolation would better represent the source material than any Alien game before it. If you're still skeptical, however, you'll want to check out PlayStation Access' inside scoop on some information not yet revealed in either the initial trailer or dev diary:

If you want to see even more Alien: Isolation, PlayStation Access has some exclusive gameplay not seen in the trailer:

Image via PlayStation Access/YouTube