Here's One Last Resogun Trailer Before Its Launch


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The PS4 review embargo lifted this morning, and Resogun stands tall as the highest rated PS4 launch game. It appears to be the Geometry Wars of this generation, and it will likely remain one of the most popular titles on the system thanks to it being free for PlayStation Plus members.

Now, you may be unreasonably excited for Resogun and are having a hard time waiting for the PS4 to launch on November 15. To help tide you over, Sony has released what appears to be the final trailer for the game today. In it, we get a good look at some of the diverse and unique levels the developers at Housemarque have been able to come up with:

On the PlayStation blog, the team at Housemarque announced that Resogun will feature a co-op mode. In co-op, players will get to choose between three ships - Nemesis, Ferox and Phobos. Each ship has different stats that make them more suited for certain situations.

Resogun will be available on the PSN for PS4 starting November 15. It will be free for PlayStation Plus members whereas non-members can pick it up for $15. You shouldn't have to do that, however, as every PS4 sold will come with a free month of PS Plus.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]