Here's More Footage of that Giant Mech Stomping Around Comic-Con


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Earlier this week, Mythbuster Adam Savage unveiled the best cosplay costume in history. A real nine-foot-tall mech is now roaming San Diego Comic-Con, complete with sound effects.

After thoroughly impressing Savage, the mech went on to meet comics legend Stan Lee. The meeting can be seen in the new video below, along with the mech dancing the robot, having an impromptu show cancelled by Comic-Con security, and generally impressing the hell out of Comic-Con attendees:

The robot was commissioned by YouTube, Wired, and Conde Nast to promote YouTube's upcoming "Geek Week." It was built by movie effects studios Stan Winston Studios and Legacy Effects in only 24 days. A YouTube mini-series about the creation of the robot will air during Geek Week.

Stan Winston Studios has also posted a video of the mech stomping around Comic-Con. This one shows off the bot's softer side, as it befriends and promises protection to a young girl: