Here's How You Train A Nine-Year-Old To Be A Future Beer Pong Champion

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All I can say is that this kid is going to be the life of many parties in about ten years.

Trick shot videos are pretty commonplace on YouTube. In the past, we've seen people perform unbelievable shots with basketballs, footballs, and even beer cans. One of the most popular forms of trick shot videos are the ones involving ping pong ball shots using found locations - a dorm room or someone's apartment, for instance.

Despite the saturation of trick shot vids, it's always impressive to see a little kid take on the challenge. Cue this video from one of the best parents in the world - one that's teaching their child that in order to succeed at a collegiate level, you really only have to be good at one thing: tossing a ping pong ball into a plastic cup.

That of course, and all-nighters.

Check out the nine-year-old future beer pong champ below:

This isn't this kid's first showcase of trick shots. A few months ago, he was featured in another, similar video. Except in this video, the kid's eight.

You gotta love the enthusiasm. Only a few more years until you can teach him how to properly chug a Natty Light, dad.

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