Here's Everything That Comes With That Wind Waker Wii U Bundle


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If you've been biding your time to pick up a Wii U, Nintendo just made its latest console a little more appealing on Friday with the launch of a new bundle that includes The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. Not content to just include the game, the bundle also includes a number of other extras.

To perhaps convince you that these extras are worth it, Nintendo has put together an unboxing video that shows you everything that comes with its latest Wii U bundle. Unlike the Nintendo Land Wii U bundle, this bundle does not come with a physical copy of its pack-in game. Instead, it comes with a download voucher for both the game and a digital version of Hyrule Historia.

So, what makes this bundle worth getting over the Nintendo Land bundle? A digital copy of The Wind Waker HD might not be that appealing to everybody. Well, this bundle comes with a special Wii U gamepad that's decorated in golden Hylian script from The Wind Waker HD. Hardcore collectors and Zelda fans will obviously want it, but your more casual Nintendo fan might want to instead opt for the Nintendo Land bundle. Both retail for $299.

If you already own a Wii U, you have a few options in regards to obtaining The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. The digital download is available now on the eShop with a physical retail edition hitting stores on October 4.

[Image: Nintendo/YouTube]