Here's A Look At The Up Plus 2 3D Printer


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If you're in the market for an affordable 3D printer, you might just have to give TierTime's Up Plus 2 a look. The printer comes in at under $2,000 and has a lot of the same features you've come to expect from more expensive 3D printers. Microsoft has taken a special interest in this particular printer thanks to its native Windows 8.1 support.

In the latest post on the Extreme Windows Blog, Gavin Gear takes us through what makes the Up Plus 2 3D printer worth of your attention. He notes that the printer has a heated build platform for support of ABS plastics. Its build platform also has automatic leveling and height calibration. As for size, it has a build volume of 5.5x.5.5x5.3 inches.

Here's a video that shows a print job being completed through Windows 8.1's new Microsoft 3D Builder app:

The Up Plus 2 can be yours for $1,649. It's certainly affordable, but you might want to wait until March to see how the XYZPrinting's Da Vinci holds up. The $500 3D printer is the first Chinese-made 3D printer to hit the U.S. market and promises all the performance of a $2,000 3D printer at a quarter of the price.

Image via Extreme Windows Blog