Here's A Look At The Art In DuckTales Remastered


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DuckTales is fondly remembered as one of the best animated television series from the late 80s. A lot of that had to do with its excellent aesthetic design that drew upon years of wonderful comic art. Now WayForward is bringing that art back with its remake of the NES game based on the series.

In its latest "Duckumentary," Capcom talks to the guys at WayForward regarding their efforts in bringing the DuckTales world to life. With designing Scrooge McDuck, the artists drew from the art used in the comics as well as the TV show. They also tried to stay true to the animation used in the original NES game.

The developers also revealed that their fleshing out the story by giving villains and supporting NPCs an expanded role in this latest game. With all of the original voice actors returning, it will be almost like we're getting an all new episode of the TV series.

DuckTales Remastered will launch on August 13 for PC, PS3 and Wii U. It will launch a month later on September 11 for Xbox 360.