Here's 10 Minutes Of DriveClub Gameplay


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On November 15, Sony will unleash the PlayStation 4 onto the world. With it, the company has a launch lineup of pretty much every genre imaginable, including racing games. Sony's racing game is called DriveClub, and it comes from Motorstorm developer Evolution Studios.

We've already seen quite a bit of DriveClub in carefully crafted game trailers, but we've yet to see pure gameplay footage. That all changes today with the release of a 10 minute direct feed gameplay video that shows one event with four different cars.

A major part of the DriveClub experience is the feeling of actually being in the car. That's why the developers paid a lot of attention to how the inside of each car looks and feels. Fortunately, you won't have to race in first person as the game allows for a third-person arcade experience alongside the first-person simulation racing gameplay.

DriveClub will launch on November 15 alongside the PlayStation 4. A portion of the game will also be available for free at launch to PlayStation Plus members.

[Image: GamesHQMedia/YouTube]