Heidi Montag Talks Amanda Bynes Invite


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If Amanda Bynes felt like she was all alone in the world, she was wrong.

When Bynes complained about not having any money or a place to get away from her parents, Heidi reached out to her and offered her a place to stay in her Santa Barbara guest house.

Amanda and Heidi didn’t have a friendship before, and Heidi recently told Extra that she just wanted to help Amanda out any way she could, regardless of whether she had ever met her or not.

"I reached out to Amanda Bynes," she said, "because I feel like sometimes you just need support from people, whether it's strangers, or friends, or family, and I saw that she was sleeping on a couch, so I thought, you know, I talked to my husband about it and I was like, well we have this guest house, and she could kinda just come here and get away from the chaos of what's going on and relax in a safe, loving environment, so I thought maybe it'd be nice to offer her somewhere to go so she felt like she...didn't have anywhere to be right now."

While Heidi’s invite might seem kind and generous, many people seem to think she only did it to get her own name in the spotlight and to take advantage of the attention Bynes has been getting for her struggles with mental illness.

Bynes hasn’t yet taken Heidi up on her offer and hasn’t been active on Twitter since the post. Heidi said she hasn’t talked with Bynes and hopes she does decide to take her up on her offer and get the help she needs.

Do you think Heidi is really concerned about Amanda Bynes or did she just tweet her for the attention?