Heidi Klum Joins Exclusive Boob Club Via Twitter

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Heidi Klum is known for a lot of things: her long, fruitful marriage to Seal, her "Project Runway" hosting gig, and of course the whole supermodel thing. But now she's part of something even bigger and better: a boob club.

Apparently Klum took a steamy photo of her own lean body while tanning on the beach recently and posted it to her Twitter account. The pic shares a common element with so many other photos that they've earned their own title: "Point Of Boob". That is, photos taken from the point of view of your boobs. Clever.

Of course, to be in this little club--which was invented by COED Magazine--you can't be slacking in the rockin' bod department, and Heidi definitely fits the bill. Even after all the kids she's popped out, she's managed to keep those abs toned and fit.


COED Magazine says:

Heidi posted the pic on her Twitter account–making her part of a summer tradition that COED calls Point-of-Boob. Any number of accommodating gals have taken the time to whip out their camera (or cellphone) and shoot a pic showing off their amazing curves. We say they’re all artists, since some of these pics are truly amazing special effects.

Good news, guys. It would appear it's the summer of cleavage.

Amanda Crum
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