HBO's "Girls" Has Been Renewed For A Fourth Season


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With all of the hype and excitement over the upcoming season of HBO's Girls, and the acclaim that it has received from fans and critics everywhere, this news certainly does not come as a shock.

Girls is getting ready to premiere its third season on Sunday January 12th, and the show will do something that most shows do not do, and air two episodes on the first night. The show has created a star out of Lena Dunham, who plays the main character Hannah on the show.

While the third season has yet to begin, a network spokesperson announced at the top of its Television Critics Association winter press tour panel that the show would continue, and premiere its fourth season in 2015.

The show centers on Hannah, a twentysomething girl living in New York with a few of her closest friends from college. It showcases her life and all of the outrageous situations that she gets in, including raging parties, boyfriends and ex's.

Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshana are her three friends that are featured prominently throughout the show, and they each have their own unique personalities.

In addition to being the star of the show, Lena Dunham is also the creator and one of the producers. Judd Apatow is also a producer on the show, which could explain some of the success that the show has had.

While it is not a hit for people to watch on the same day as it airs, it ranks as one of HBO's biggest DVR growers. The most recent season also netted more than 6 million weekly viewers with time-shifting and additional plays.

Girls has been very popular since its start and could be the most talked about show on HBO if it were not for Game Of Thrones, which announced the premiere of its fourth season today.

With the Golden Globes just two nights away, Girls took home two Golden Globes in 2013 for best comedy and for star Dunham. Girls received nominations for both the show and its star again this year.

Although the first two seasons of Girls only had 10 episodes, when the third season premieres on Sunday, fans will be able to see a total of 12 episodes throughout the season.

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