HBO Go Now Features Chromecast Support


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When the Chromecast was first announced back in July, it only supported a handful of video streaming services. The list of supported services has steadily improved over the last few months, but a few noteworthy streaming services were still not supported. Now one of the biggest names in video streaming is finally on Chromecast.

Google announced today that HBO Go now supports Chromecast. In other words, the HBO Go app on Android and iOS can now send the video you're currently watching to your TV through Chromecast. Google notes that you can also stream HBO Go content from the Web using the HBO Go Web site on either the Chrome browser or Chromebook.

If you want to start watching HBO Go via Chromecast, the updated apps for Android and iOS are now available for download. The Android app supports Android versions 2.3 and up while the iOS app supports iOS 6 and up. I'm going to assume the Web app now supports Chromecast as well.

So get on it folks - all those episodes of Game of Thrones aren't going to watch themselves.

[Image: Google Chrome/YouTube]