Hayden Panettiere to be Honored at EMA Awards


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The Environmental Media Association (EMA) has announced that they will be honoring Matt Damon and Hayden Panettiere at their 23rd annual Environmental Media Awards this fall.

According to the EMA website, “The Environmental Media Association is honoring Matt Damon and Hayden Panettiere for their dedication to ecological causes… Panettiere will accept the Futures Award, which recognizes younger entertainers for their potential to be environmental activists. The “Nashville” star is active with the Whaleman Foundation, an oceanic research and conservation group.”

Damon will be receiving the Ongoing Commitment Award for his work with the organization that he co-founded, Water.org. The organization's goal is to bring safe water to people all around the world. Damon hopes that his recognition will help to bring awareness to the organization's cause and their efforts "to bring clean water to communities around the world and inspire new friends and partners to join the fight."

Panettier has been actively working with the Whaleman Foundation and says that she is, "using my voice to protect our oceans and their amazing inhabitants." According to Whaleman.org, the mission of the organization is: "To forever preserve and protect cetaceans (dolphins, whales, and porpoises) and their critical habitats. To perform long-term field research of cetaceans and their interrelationships with mankind in order to better understand the context of their lives for the betterment of all. To raise awareness to the issues that not only affect cetaceans, but all marine life, and the overall health of our oceans. To encourage individuals to explore there uniqueness, to share there talents, and to fulfill their dreams and desires. To share what we observe, learn, and value with the world."

The awards ceremony will be held on October 19 at Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, California.

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