Hassan Rouhani Isn't Really Writing His Tweets

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It's not uncommon for a public figure to employ a social media guy - you know, someone whose job is to maintain and yes, even post statuses to their various social media accounts.

But it's news when it's Iranian President Hassan Rouhani who's employing the Twitter ghostwriters.

Rouhani's Twitter account has been seen by many as a breath of fresh air, a somewhat moderate, inclusive voice that bears a stark contrast to the message of his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Take for instance this tweet:

Or this one:

Rouhani has been an avid tweeter since joining the service, posting nearly 2,500 tweets. He also has a substantial following - 170,000 people.

But in a revelation that can't be all that surprising, Rouhani told reporters at the World Economic Forum that his English-language tweets are "written by friends."

Now, that simple admission doesn't mean that Rouhani is unaware of what's going out on his Twitter page or that he doesn't agree with the sentiments - but it does mean that his fingers are doing the typing. I guess that kind of takes away from the account's impact, no?

Rouhani, a Muslim cleric, is the 7th President of Iran - taking office in August of last year. He ran on a platform of restoring the economy, in part by improving relations with the West.

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