Handspring Guiness Record Broken by Cheerleader

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Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and Walsh Jesuit High School had reason to celebrate when cheerleader Marie Klein completed an astounding 42 consecutive handsprings to break the prior record during the school's football game against Akron, Ohio's St Vincent-St. Mary School.

Though the video appears to show 40 handsprings, at least according to the count cheered out by the crowd on site, the school itself announced 42.

"It was crazy," Klein told WalshJesuit.org, the school's official website. "I loved the way the crowd reacted. My mom was crying. It didn't feel real at times as I did it. I almost passed out, but I kept going. I am real excited to have the record. Now I want to break my own record."

She later added, "It is so awesome I could do this with my family supporting me," Klein told WalshJesuit.org. "My mom, Steph, my dad, Steve, and my brother, Stevie, all were here to watch."

CBS reported that the junior cheer star's feat earned a mention on ESPN's SportsCenter and got plenty of applause from everyone from the diminutive teen's family to St. Vincent-St. Mary onlookers. Perhaps Klein has a slight advantage because she stands just 4-foot-11?

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