Halle Berry: Motherhood Drew Her to 'Extant'

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Halle Berry stars in the 13-episode CBS special event Extant that premiered on Wednesday evening. She and one of the Extant producers, Greg Walker, recently dished about how motherhood--and the notion of playing an infertile astronaut pregnant with an unearthly being--drew her to her role as Molly Woods. Berry was pregnant with her second child when Walker--and Steven Spielberg, who is the big-name producer of Extant--pitched the role to her.

“We’re sitting at her house and I’m pitching all these terrible, horrible things that can happen,” Walker said in their joint interview with News.com.au. “And I’m looking down at her stomach and thinking, ‘Can she handle it?’”

Halle Berry now stars as Molly, an astronaut who returns to Earth after a 13-month solo mission in space. Her homecoming is beyond complicated by the artificial intelligence “son” created by her scientist husband and her shock at the discovery that she’s pregnant with what must be, given those months without human contact, an unearthly being.

“I’m the happiest in my life when I have been pregnant, truly,” Halle Berry, who is married to Olivier Martinez, said. “So to be pregnant again on a show right after giving birth didn’t scare me at all. I thought, ‘I’m going to ace that part of this, for sure!’”

Greg Walker wouldn't hint at whether Halle Berry will spend all 13 weeks of the CBS special event pregnant or not. He did, however, hint at the notion that, while it is deemed a 'special event,' if the numbers allow, Extant could become a full-fledged series. He also promised that "startling and strange things" will drive Molly down intriguing paths.

“It will have elements of Rosemary’s Baby because she’s having the child with something unknown. What is this entity? Will it stay here? Is it really her baby?” Berry said.

Goran Visnjic of ER fame plays Halle Berry's husband. Camryn Manheim plays her doctor.

Did you tune in on Wednesday night to see Halle Berry star as Molly in Extant? Some believe it might be the blockbuster small screen hit of the summer season. Did your first taste leave you hungry for more? If so, you're not alone.

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