Halle Berry: Happy To Play Role Of Expectant Mother

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Halle Berry loves being pregnant, so it's no surprise that she shines in her new role in the CBS series, Extant.

“I’m the happiest in my life when I have been pregnant, truly. So to be pregnant again on a show right after giving birth didn’t scare me at all. I thought, ‘I’m going to ace that part of this, for sure!’” said Halle Berry of her exciting role.

And ace it, she certainly has. Halle Berry is earning some rave reviews for her acting chops on the show. She plays a woman that just spent 13 months in space alone completing a solo mission who comes home only to find out that she is inexplicably pregnant.

Halle Berry's character is infertile, and she realizes that she is about to give birth to the world's first artificially intelligent humaniod.

Her outstanding performance in Extant could be the digression that Halle Berry needs from bland acting roles that seem to plague her. Catwoman and X-Men: The Last Stand have really done her no good whatsoever.

Of course, as the icing on the cake, Halle Berry got to work with screen giant Steven Spielberg. She said of Spielberg,

“A name like that, you don’t really sneeze at. I know the quality of his work and I know that he loves this sort of genre. This was a character that when I first read (the script) was so relatable to me. While I’m not an astronaut or scientist — far, far from it — I still had an understanding about the human quality of this woman and her struggle to not only find time for herself, but also to be a good mother. The fact that she’s a scientist becomes a little bit irrelevant pretty fast. It becomes very human.”

Sounds like an interesting show! Catch Halle Berry in Extant on CBS Thursdays at 8.

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